Sunday, August 23, 2015

Exclusive: 14-Year-Old Goes Missing in Church Trying to Save Tithe Box, Relatives In Search of Him

A relative of the boy whose picture appears above just got in touch with Toyin Aspire's Blog. According to him, his 14 year old cousin named Kehind Amori left for church in Ilorin, on the 19th of August but never returned.
He said the church got flooded that very day and his young cousin tried to save the tithe box, which the flood was carrying away.
That was the last they knew about him, as his body has not been found.
He said "the tithe box and the other things the flood took away were found, but there was no trace of the boy."
He said they are in search of the boy whether dead or alive, they will want to see him.

Anyone with useful information should please contact:
07084250335,08134593869 Or Mail 
Read the unedited version after the cut

"14 years old boy with picture above went to church on 19 of this month and as witnesses said he was drowned by the flood that got into the church that day as he tried to carry the tithe box that the flood was taking away. He has been looked for everywhere no where to be found. We have gone to churches to ask if he is still alive they said he is alive but he is unconscious. Pls even if he is not alive and you find his dead body just come with it please for God sake His name is Kehinde Amori Contact this numbers

07084250335,08134593869 Or email Thanks"

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