Saturday, August 15, 2015

Governors Turn Goverment Houses To s*x Havens

More than serving as a place to entertain and accommodate visitors of their respective state governments, many Government Guest Houses and Lodges have become grounds where all sorts of activities take place, especially epic lovemaking sessions Punch’s investigations reveal.

The trend which has gone on for several years under different administrations usually involves young ladies being brought into such government facilities to ‘entertain’ guests sexually for a fee. While top aides of such state governors recruit such ladies directly for their guests, the job is given out to trusted middlemen in some places. Even though, it is an aberration in some states as governors frown at such practices, it is the norm across most parts of the federation.
In Rivers State for example, source at the Government House in Port Harcourt told Punch that arranging beautiful ladies for special guests of the state is nothing unusual. According to the source who asked not to be named, this is part of the entertainment given to such high profile guests on request especially when the state is holding any big event.

“I have been here (Government House) for many years and I know that it is a common thing to bring in beautiful ladies for guests who demand for them,” the source said.

Another source, who is a former government official, told PUNCH that, “providing girls for special guests at government lodges is not a new thing. It is done everywhere. Most times, these girls are on standby and when they are called, they come and keep the guests (males) company. It is practised everywhere and not only here.”

The source who confided in the  correspondents disclosed that some former aides of the governor always “imported babes from tertiary institutions around and even from far distance.”

He said, “They pay these girls as high as N50, 000 especially those coming for the first time. Subsequently, they pay less and at times they don’t give the ladies more than N10, 000. These aides have some young male students who help in recruiting these girls for their superiors.”

The situation is a bit worse in Akwa Ibom State where a former governor is alleged to have wasted the state resources frolicking with different women with many of such ‘entertainments’ taking place right inside government-owned facilities. On several occasions, the aides to the governor were said to have arranged between five to 10 women to serve the governor at the same time.

An aide who refused to disclose his identity for security reasons disclosed  that in one of the instances, one of the 10 ladies that were taken to him, developed a headache. According to him, the governor asked that the lady be taken away but not without receiving N500, 000 as ‘appearance fee.’

Apart from the former governor, Punch reliably gathered that some of his commissioners and special advisers built houses in remote areas for their flings in a bid to avoid being seen in hotels. The sources also claimed that some of the women got brand new jeeps for their services.

The governor’s siblings are not left out of the show, too. The source told correspondents that the governor’s brothers on several occasions imported women from Egypt and other North African countries just to have a nice time. In addition to the government houses and lodges, the big boys in the administration and even visitors to the state also used a very popular hotel in the state as well as other hotels that spread across Uyo.

In Abia State, the recruitment of ladies otherwise known as ‘conference materials’ for the pleasure of top government officials is a very sensitive issue and is usually handled by a syndicates.

The source who pleaded anonymity revealed that the syndicates who handle such matters run it as a big business, maintaining a high degree of confidentiality to avoid embarrassing government. He however said no government lodge in Abia is used to habour such ladies.

According to the source, ‘conference materials’ are usually recruited from tertiary institutions, and could also be school dropouts as well as professionals who do ‘runs’ to survive. He said that such ladies usually drop their contacts with the agents who simply put them on notice any time they are needed.

He said, “Their pay is dependent on the category of government officials or guests they are to entertain and the class of the ladies themselves.

“If the benefiting government official is from the Presidency or is a governor, the fee is usually high but if it is an official with lesser portfolio, the pay is lesser,” he said.

The source also said that the ‘performance’ of the ‘conference material’ could make her get more incentives from the end user as some of them get cars, houses, contracts or more cash for good displays.

“Any ‘conference material’ who impresses her end user can be booked for future engagements. Some of them are even moved to USA, Europe, Dubai and some foreign countries ahead of government officials.

“The type of money involved in the movement of these ladies is awesome. Government officials who are in this habit of patronising ‘conference materials’ waste so much funds on them,” the source said.

On the remuneration of the ladies, the source said, “The agent who recruits them disburses their pay depending on the arrangement.

In Edo State, it was gathered that government guest houses built like private residences in strategic but less populous areas, like the Government Reservation Area in Benin, serve as a regular meeting point for government officials, their friends and a select group of ladies on regular basis.

So is Enugu, a states that ranks as one with the largest population of young girls in the country. It is home to several tertiary institutions like the Enugu State University of Technology, Institute of Management Technology, University of Nigeria, Enugu State College of Education, Caritas University, Godfrey Okoye University and Renaissance University, among others.

And, in an era where most female undergraduates combine their studies with ‘runs,’ or prostitution, it is not surprising that these protocol officers find it very easy to procure ladies for their bosses.

Sources at the government house informed Punch correspondents that so many girls have “made it” by associating with political office holders and their cronies since the current democratic dispensation commenced in 1999.

In fact, one the correspondents learnt that these ‘runs girls’ go out of their way to cultivate the acquaintance of the protocol officers and Personal assistants of political office holders, who give out the “jobs.” It was gathered that most female students look forward to an “invitation” to attend any of the exclusive parties where the selected girls are passed around to the ‘big shots.’

According to a source, who is close to the corridors of power in the state, girls who participate in such activities are rewarded handsomely.

“These girls don’t take home anything less than N50, 000 just for a night, and that is when it is just a small party.

“In fact, the normal take home package for serious hook-ups ranges from N100, 000. The fee can even rise much higher when the girl is able to cultivate a personal relationship with the concerned patron. It is a known fact that from such casual acquaintance, some girls have been known to acquire choice property, cars, shops and even good jobs,” the source said.

A former governor in the state is believed to have rewarded several young ladies with car gifts for their ‘intimate services,’ of course.

These are some of the investigations gathered by Punch and the story is not different from most government houses in the federation.

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