Friday, August 14, 2015

Linda Ikeji’s sister, Laura turns blogger

Many know Linda Ikeji who has been tagged Africa’s no 1 blogger, but not many know that the beautiful blogger is blessed with three sisters- Sandra, Laura and Benny and also a brother fondly called Peks. However, it seems out of all her siblings, Laura is the closest to the blogger who is very fond of her.
What would amaze anyone is that Laura is an exact opposite of Linda. She is light in complexion while Linda is dark, the later is tall while Laura is not… Laura is also an extrovert to the core, fun loving and adventurous which has earned a large fan base on Instagram.

The news is that Laura who also has a good fashion sense has debut her own blog just like her sister, although hers is a fashion blog. Thousands of visitors from all over the world have been visiting the blog for update on fashion styles. Though rumour mongers will not mind their business, as they are now saying she is copying her sister. Some of them have even accused her sister, Linda of shoving her down their throat because the other has been posting updates’ about Laura and her blog.

Well, we would like to say a big congrats to Laura who has refused to pay attention to these “distractions” as her blog has been growing and she has gathered hundreds of comments and thousands of visits in few days of opening the blog. She has even started recruiting… For the Ikeji sisters, blogging is a serious business!
More beautiful pictures of Laura

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