Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Another Instagram Drama: Married Man Asks Girl To Take Down His Photo From Her Instagram Page (Photos)

The kind of drama that happens on social media these days though. You know the week began with Rapper Iceprince and his girlfriend when Iceprince received the shock of his life on social media where he got to know that his girlfriend was cheating in him with a married man.

Well the drama today is between a married man Ifeabunike Nwolisa, a freight forwarder with the Instagram handle Sampala207 and a girl named Barbie-diva on Instagram. The girl shared the photos above on her page calling the man in the pics her 'bae'.

But that didn't go down well with the man who was apparently married with kids, as the man reached out to her publicly and asked her to immediately delete the pictures. He commented on the picture saying "am no bae to you, please delete"

The girl has since deleted her account.

But the question is does the girl not know that he is married? or who puts up the picture of a married man on her page as her bae?

Girls, you need to start doing background checks on all these men before you start dating them o.
Sebi you ladies watch American film, you see how those detectives do na. If you can't do it yourselves, engage the service of Police or other secret agents.

Yes, the issue is that serious o, before a man starts putting you to ridicule publicly or probably eat you and clean mouth.

A word is enough for the wise!!!


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