Thursday, February 11, 2016

Zimbabwean Pastor Gifts His Wife A Lamborghini For Valentine (PHOTOS)

Uebert Angel, Zimbabwe

A highly controversial Zimbabwean pastor, Uebert Angel, has reportedly splashed $US400 000 Lamborghini sports car for his wife Beverly as an early Valentine’s present. 

Pictures released on social media show Beverly Angel receiving keys to the Lamborghini Aventador. Beverly Angel's LamboUebert has been highly criticized of his very flamboyant lifestyle but he insists that his income does not come from church offering but from his investment in real estate. But his critics accuse him of exploiting the prosperity gospel that preaches that the more you give in offerings to the church the more you will reap in blessings from God. 

He was recently taken to court by a member of his congregation for defrauding him of his vehicle, a Bentley Continental worth $300 000. Uebert Angel promised the man to give his vehicle as a seed with the promise that it would soon multiply within eight months; But after the said period of time, nothing changed. 

Angel fled Zimbabwe for the United Kingdom following the police hunt after he was sued to court for fraud. The case is however, said to have been dropped.

Beverly Angel's Lambo

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