Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Dreams Come True for Kenyan Lady Who Photoshopped Trip To China

Last week, series of picture emerged on the social media of a woman known as Sevelyn Kinya who made some editing on photographs of herself as being in China. The series aroused a lot of discuss on Facebook where she released them. She first released an edited copy of herself in front of an airplane saying she’s set for takeoff to China.

She then released copies of others where she was among a group of tourists in the country. Although these pictures looked real and like it was taken at the places. She also posted edited pictures of herself at the Great Wall and the Temple of Heaven.

The humor in the act came open when parodies of her pictures were circulated and posted online, some photoshopped her with the First lady of Kenya, Mrs Margaret Kenyatta.

The climax of the story was when she received help from a Facebook user and his friends, who came together to fund her travel to China and other expenses while staying there.

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