Thursday, March 3, 2016

Police Captures Man Who Sucks The Blood Of Live Dogs (PHOTOS)


The man who has been living on the blood of live dogs for a long time was arrested while he was feeding on another prey, a live puppy. 

Yemen Police officials said: ‘We found a little dog with him. He was sucking its blood alive. He is not from the region and speaks strange languages.’ 

The man was arrested while on his feeding frenzy wearing a dirty grey jumpsuit and was tied to a bench with a rope to prevent him from escaping; he also had despicable sores on his face and body. 

Local news confirmed that when Yemeni officials stormed an isolated house with the help of residents in the Western town of Hudaiydah, the man was sucking a live puppy’s blood and tried to flee when he saw them but was immediately captured. 


Neighbors in Hudaiydah had constantly accused the unnamed man of being a ‘dog vampire’ and had previously reported his crimes to the authorities. He will likely be charged with animal cruelty though no one can state how long his sentence would be, if he’d get any. 

Apparently, certain indigenous tribes and cultures around the world ‘drink the blood of live animals’; for example, the Inuit, who live in Canada, Greenland and Alaska, believe drinking seal blood has health benefits, while some tribes in Africa drink blood from live cattle as part of ancient rituals.

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