Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Professor Resigns After Student Spots Him in Porn Film (Photos)

A university professor has resigned from his job after he was unmasked as a porn star working under the stage name 'Old Nick' .Nicholas Goddard, a respected chemical engineering lecturer at the University of Manchester, was revealed to be living a double life as an adult film actor after a student recognised him in a film. 

Although the university initially suspended the divorced father-of-three, whose academic career spans almost 35 years, while they investigated the matter it emerged today that Professor Goddard has now formally resigned. One of his students wrote online: 

''The day I found out, I was doing the afternoon ritual of mine [watching pornography], when I suddenly came across a strange video.'It seemed like an ordinary clip, except the guy appeared to resemble Nick [Professor Goddard], similar build and hair.'The first disturbing sign of confirmation was the oddly recognisable voice. Then I saw the video's title, 'Busty teen Lolly ***** Old Nick outdoors'.

'But the realisation came when I noticed all his distinct mannerisms and gestures. It was Nick. For the first few minutes, I couldn't believe my eyes, the very idea was disturbing. 'I had to show it to somebody, to prove it wasn't my mind playing tricks.' 

His family was apparently unaware of his other job, which involved him having sex with dozens of women - often wearing only a gold watch. He is believed to have started his second career following a divorce. Professor Goddard appears in a number of academic videos on the university's website - and has published scores of scientific papers during his career. 

He is the lead tutor on three courses, having taught chemical engineering for nearly 25 years. Professor Goddard said he didn't get paid much during his stint as an adult movie star, but did get travel expenses. Daily Mail

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