Friday, March 4, 2016

Woman Blasted For Photoshopping Her Trip From Kenya To China (Hilarious Photos)

The photos of this woman has gone viral. She posted the photos online claiming to be traveling to China. The first photo was photo-shopped to create an impression she was at the Kenya Airport about to board a Kenyan Airways flight to China, while the other photo as she was when she was in China. She however failed in fooling people on social media who called her out and bashed her real hard. She needs to fire her graphic artist ASAP! 

This particular woman named Eve Gat‘s has clearly been dreaming of travelling to China for a very long time. Unfortunately, she couldn’t make it to the real China, so she decided to go China on us by looking for a graphics designer to paste her there for a small fee. 

The journey started well at JKIA then as everyone who goes to China does; she visited the great wall of China and even learned a few Chinese words which she used as a caption for one of the pictures. 


See another photo after the cut

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