Saturday, April 16, 2016

Kenya's Richest Singer Finally Reveals Where She Gets Her Money From

Kenya's richest singer, Akothee has slammed critics and revealed in a rant on Facebook the source of her wealth. According to her, when a woman is not intelligent, that's the only time it's her private parts that suffer. 

 Akothee has been accused of getting her money from a sponsor- a rich older man who dishes out money to lasses in exchange for sex. Rumours said that was the only way the songstress affords to pay millions to singers for music collaborations.

Akothee has over the years continued to hold birthday parties in posh places, spending hundreds of thousands entertaining her friends, family and her close media allies. In 2015, according to media reports from Kenya,

Akothee had a spectacular birthday party at the cream of Nairobi eateries- the imposing Sankara hotel in Westlands where America Rapper 2 Chainz spent two nights on his Kenyan concert. 

With a white range rover and several other cars in her parking lot at a posh estate in one of Nairobi upscale residences, questions have been asked on how the singer makes money and how she manages to maintain her lifestyle. 

 In that line of questioning, the songstress had the following statement on where she gets her money and the misconception that any woman who has money is funded by a man in return for sex.

She shared these pics of herself in her farm and wrote:

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