Saturday, April 16, 2016

Mike Adenuga’s Son, Eniola Involved In Custody Battle

Mike Adenuga's Son Eniola Involved In Custody BattleImage result for MIKE ADENUGA

The son of Globacom owner Mike Adenuga, Eniola has won the first round of his custody battle with ex-girlfriend Maggie Ogun. 

According to Eniola, Ogun had informed him of her pregnancy in 2014, and he had taken steps to ensure it was a smooth ride for her, including paying for her ante-natal at Reddington Hospital, giving her N100, 000 monthly and sending her to the UK to deliver the baby.

However, Eniola claimed that when she returned to Nigeria, she denied him access to see the child because he had refused to marry her. “I was denied access by the respondent to see my daughter on the ground that I was not interested in marrying her. I sought her understanding in this regard and reminded her of the fact that we had both agreed to end the relationship as it was heading to nowhere,” he said. 

He added that the baby wasn’t treated well as Ogun left the baby in the care of a security guard and her 70-year old grandmother, despite him giving her N200,000 monthly. He told the court he wanted custody because “the respondent is unwilling to create time needed to care for my daughter physically, emotionally and mentally and I reasonably believe that my daughter currently lacks motherly attention.”

According to Ogun, the whole debacle had begun after her family had refused a request from the Adenugas that she spend 2 weeks monthly at their house because she wasn’t married to Eniola. She claimed she never denied Eniola access and that he’s only in court because he wants full custody.“I have never denied the applicant access to my daughter, rather, he wants custody. I don’t believe it is in my daughter’s interest that the applicant be granted custody of my daughter,” she said. 

 Chief Magistrate O. A. Ogunbowale ruled in favor of Adenuga, saying: “Consequently, the applicant (Adenuga) is hereby granted an overnight access to the subject (child) every fortnight from 8 am on Saturday to 12 noon on Sunday.”

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