Saturday, April 23, 2016

Nigerian Woman Who Became An Internet Sensation Over Her Coloured Baby Bump Gives Birth (Photos)

Fashion blogger Ella Adenugba, who became an internet sensation after she bared her peculiar two-tone pregnancy bump in a pregnancy shoot, has been delivered of a bouncing baby boy. And the beautiful thing is she gave birth on her wedding anniversary. 

Read what she wrote regarding the birth of her son after the cut... 

 "I have said I will not go to bed till I share this testimony! During my first trimester my friend Shalewa told me about this book "Supernatural Childbirth".. And I got it and read it.. Since then I held on to a passage in it that helps on how to speak to your body (Cercix, Muscle, Virgina and baby's position).. And I pray it always. Today Monday I will be 41weeks. Then last week, my doctor "La Bao" said ..Ella I'm afraid your Cercix ain't opened yet l, I have scheduled you for an induction on the 18th of April.. I wanted to burst into tears but I wasn't going to allow satan steal my joy.. Instead I laughed about how that was my wedding anniversary.. On getting home I locked myself in the room so mum wouldn't know I was crying..

Then I started questioning God... I said look at me God... I am strong.. I walk around.. I exercise, I pray to you, I eat all pregnant women diets, I don't joke with my prenatals now I'm past my due date and my cervix ain't opened! It's ok I will just let you do your will as u know best. Still I wasn't going to be defeated by the devil.. I called my friend for facebeat and said girl... I'm Going to the hospital to deliver today and I need a makeover! She laughed and said ok il be with you shortly. There after i packed my hospital bag and told my mum shall we? We got to the hospital I was checked and the nurse said "GURL YOU ARE 1CM GONE" you wount be needing the induction process anymore how come u didn't realize you are in labour?? I was like oh really!/

Few mins later he checked again and said oh wow! Your dialating too fast.. You are 3cm just now again... From 3-5, 5-6.5, 6.5-9, 9-10cm respectively... Then i pushed just two times and my joy popped! My doctors and nurses were perplexed! They were asking if this really was my first baby😂... I didn't need an epidural! Or had any complications what so ever! Now that is God working! Even the Houston flood cdnt stop us! My husband gift came right in time of the No labour! I was chatting with my friends while having in that favor room and they didn't know I was having a baby 😂😂I want to thank"

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