Tuesday, April 12, 2016

UNIPORT Students Go Wild As SARS Kill Faculty President

''Stella, the vc of the university of port-harcourt is the most hard hearted man I have ever seen. He closed down the school portal and closed payment and said if you haven't paid your fees,you won't write your exams and because of that aggrieved students staged a peaceful protest begging this man to let them write exams since this is first semester that they will eventually pay before second semester ends but he refused 

instead he called police people who came and refused to disturb the students because students had already sent info to the police station telling them of the protest. Later on towards afternoon, some other form of policemen called SARS came and opened fire on students and they killed Peter Ofurum, a faculty President and out of that anger students went around destroying school properties. 


As I write this uniport is on fire and the sch management has sent us on 1month holiday. Stella lives have been lost because of one wicked man. Imagine 

Now to other issues, I have been on this blog since 2years or more now and I have never seen the level of lack of sympathy I saw today. Uniport is a federal sch where we pay sch fees of 45-60k depending on the faculty and new students pay 100 for sch fees, 30k for acceptance and 20k for accomodation which they hardly give but still make it compulsory for all to pay. 

Imagine in this hardship how can people afford 45k to pay for sch fees when their parents have not been paid salaries. Let's be compassionate for Christ's sake.

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