Saturday, May 7, 2016

Dabota Lawson Tells Ladies To Run Away From Toxic Men

The former beauty queen and entrepreneur took to page to advise ladies on the type of men they should run away from.

She wrote...

Praying together is the most intimate act a couple can engage in. It's time for women to stop entertaining the boffinry of satisfaction that comes from mere social media post . Or the envy that comes from those images you see show casing the picture perfect couples. Men who prey on women view their victims as less than human . In his mind they're just variables in a math equation to get to a desired result or conclusion.

Ladies there is no reasoning with him or appeasing to his sensibilities , because ur only a nut in his mind and falling in love is the last thing on his mind . 

He will say whatever u want to hear and become the man u always dreamed about to suck u in his world , and once ur locked in he will unleash the wrath of who he really is . The more u try to get him to be accountable to his behavior , the more he will have u thinking ur losing ur mind , as he tempts to blame u for his cheating and putting his hands on u

He can't reciprocate ur love , because he disconnected from his own moral compass along time ago . He doesn't operate in right vs wrong , only wins vs losses. Every woman that gives him his way and let's him treat her like poo is a win & when she finally wakes up and no longer allows him to control her it's a loss. RUN AWAY FAST FROM TOXIC MEN!!!!!

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