Friday, May 6, 2016

Suicidal Man Demands N5Million From Observers Begging Him To Stop (PHOTOS)

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The incident occurred in Adebisi Oguniyi Crescent, Ikate roundabout, Lekki, at 7 am, Thursday, (May, 5).

Police officials from Maroko division, were the first to arrive the scene. After over an hour of placating the unidentified man, he still refused to come down. The officers got into their van and drove off after failing to get him down. 
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When that failed, residents provided an inflatable trampoline for him to jump on, the man was adamant on receiving the sum first. 

He was on the pole till 5PM, after spending over ten hours under the sun before he was eventually rescued by the Lagos State Fire service firefighters and officials from Akinwumi Ambode’s office came. 

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He refused coming down and had to bite on an electric wire at first before jumping off the pole to a low roof top. 

The suicidal man tore off a roof sheet and began slitting his throat. He was saved after the firefighters who went after him stopped him from hurting himself further.

Ken Egbas, a public relations officer was one of the observers. Describing the incident, he called officials who left the scene earlier as having a “lack of responsibility”.

He shared a series of tweets with the hashtag #SuicideAttempt:

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