Little Girl Set Ablaze over Witchcraft Accusations in Akwa Ibom

Queen, a little girl has been set ablaze over witchcraft accusations. She was saved and rehabilitated by Anja Lovren, a Danish human rights fighter in Akwa Ibom State.


She wrote:

“For more than 5 years now I have shared thousands of pictures and videos of DINNødhjælp/ACAEDF humanitarian work in Nigeria.

Many of you have been following me since the very beginning. You have witnessed the incredible transformation of our children. From being rescued, almost tortured to death, to becoming number one students.
You have witnessed the process of building “Land of Hope”. From when we bought the land looking like a jungle with tall bushes, weed and trees everywhere, to the most beautiful and cleanest children center in Nigeria.

You have seen the children smile, laugh, dance, play and have lots of fun. You have seen the children in school, playing football, doing homework and so much more. And if you have missed out of anything just look through my pictures and videos from the last 5 years and see it all.
But as you know it´s not only joy and happiness.
Every day David Emmanuel Umem, I and our amazing teams fight against child abuse. We fight against superstition. I´m a witness of horrible abuse against children. David has taught me to be strong and keep my focus. But it´s not always easy.The stories of the children are not only what you see in the pictures. The stories of the children are also read on the scars on their bodies.

Meet Queen. We rescued her just before she was burned to death. The scars on her body will never go away. It´s a reminder of the superstition so deeply rooted in the African culture.
Queen has been with us for a year now. In the beginning she was terrified, weak and very fragile. But our team led by our Director of Child Development Nsidibe Orok have worked so hard to make her a strong girl again. To make her feel worthy of love. To give her self-esteem.

You can recognize survivors of abuse by their courage. One day Queen will tell her story. Her will to survive and strenght is remarkable. She is my little hero ❤️”