‘She killed her abusive husband in self defense, please set her free” Journalist makes case for teacher who stabbed her husband to death in Ikorodu

Yesterday, a teacher in Ikorodu stabbed her husband to death while he was beating her at their home. The teacher, Mrs Akinbobola Olamide, in a video that went viral, narrated in Yoruba dialect how her deceased husband had subjected her to domestic and mental torture since they got married and that her neighbors can testify to the fact that he was always abusing her.

She said she picked up a knife to scare him away while he was beating her yesterday but she mistakenly stabbed him, leading to his death.

A Nigerian Journalist, Azuka Jebose, has asked the law enforcement agents to set the woman free since the murder happened during self defense. Read what he wrote on his Facebook page below


Mrs. Bose Akinbobola Olamide is a mother of two children. She is also a school teacher. She loved her husband that she married years ago. They were young lovers. Their love became a true manifestation of their hopes and aspirations for each other. They wanted to live together until death did them part.
Soon after marriage, Mrs. Olamide became a domestic violence victim. Her husband turned into a horrible unchecked beast and pounded on her at every vexation or whenever he felt like. She alleges in this video that her husband would physically assault her randomly and publicly, while their street people, neighbors pleaded or watched her being brutalized. She was in love and believed in the institution of marriage because “ he was my morning marriage”. Her family and in-laws advised her to leave the beast, but she believed in the virtues and values of traditional marriage and she was deeply in love with him.