Saturday, May 23, 2015

Small Scale Businesses You Can Invest in

When it comes to small scale business in Nigeria, there are lots of business opportunities. You are wondering that is a whole lot of big business. No! Like I said in the last edition, people are too busy with the hustle and bustle of everyday activities and the competition that comes with the workforce that they wouldn’t mind paying to get some domestic errands off their neck.
Yes! This thus provides another platform through which you can earn an income.
The interesting thing is that you can start with your family and friends. Is your brother’s girlfriend’s birthday on the way, and he is planning to make her a cake buy her a bottle of perfume with nice shoes. Why not take it upon yourself to have the gifts delivered to her home or office.
Is someone getting married in your neighbourhood? Take the task of circulating the wedding invitation or even the aso-ebi. That your bicycle  or motorcycle you use for jolly ride can be turned to a money making machine. You can use it in delivering lunch or pizza to staffs of an organisation during their break time.

You can even strike a deal with a shop or store to have their items delivered to the doorpost of their customers.  The list of things you can deliver is endless. 

Article by Toyin Komolafe

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