Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Falae Opens Up "My Family Paid Ransom For My Freedom, IGP Lied"

Chief Olu Falae has finally opened up on his recent kidnap. The former presidential aspirant and revealed that his family paid ransom to his abductors before he was freed on Thursday.

He said the kidnappers only freed him after they received payment, adding that he trekked for 15 kilometres before he was picked up by the police in Owo, several kilometres from Akure, the Ondo State capital.

The former minister’s disclosure has put a lie to the claim by the Nigeria police that no ransom was paid before his release. Arase had earlier claimed that no ransom was paid for his release.

Arase earlier said in an interview after he accompanied Falae home, “The important thing now is that Baba Falae is back home safe and sound according to the mandate given to me by the President. He said that no ransom was paid and that nobody has been arrested.

Asked about where the victim was rescued, the IGP said it was a security matter and not meant for public consumption.

Now we know the truth...

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