Monday, January 11, 2016

Exposed! The Reckless Lifestyle of Governor Ajimobi's Daughter

Rich, spoilt brat…The reckless lifestyle of Gov. Ajimobi’s daughter

It is sometimes easier to establish an institute for the study of child guidance than it is to turn one rich, spoilt, brat into a decent human being. Little wonder very few parents and constituents of the high society are doing a bang up job of raising their wards.

Here is an expose on Oyo State Governor's daughter, Ajay Ajimobi written by THECAPITAL.NG

If you look deeply enough, you just might find that it is daddy’s trust fund and mummy’s deep pockets that intoxicates Ajay Ajimobi, like poisonous rum stupefies the habitual drunk. Ajay, daughter of Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State and his wife, Florence, has notoriously become Turn-up Queen.

Besides her willfulness, constant disrespectfulness, Ajay consumes hard liquor like a fish gulps brackish water. So pitiful is her weakness for alcohol that it drives her family and friends to tears to see her collapse to the lure and power of the deadly substance. On several occasions in which she got high on her supply of alcohol, some of her friends had called Florence, her mother, to report her daughter to her but the latter simply told them to take things easy, assuring them albeit unconvincingly that her daughter would change.

The Capital findings revealed that besides her unforgivable rudeness and lack of self-respect, she is very saucy and bitchy. Despite her father’s wealth and generosity towards others, the beautiful lady daughter seems insatiable as she craves the wild and extreme side of life. There are many more that reflect her happy-go-lucky, roller coaster lifestyle. From Dubai to Miami and everywhere else with sandy beaches, poplar-lined esplanades and beautiful men and women, Ajay is always there in her full glory.

And she is never coy or has scruples about showing off her life on the fast lane, especially those with champagne-ridden boat cruises and her father’s obscenely palatial mansions in Nigeria and abroad. Otherwise known as Turn up Queen on the photo-sharing site, Instagram. Indeed, she lives large as can be seen on her IG page.

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