Thursday, March 31, 2016

Actress Liz Da Silva Replies IG Followers Who Accuse Her of Buying Fake Designer Shoe and Bag

Yesterday, actress Liz Da Silva showed off a copy of Louboutin shoes and a bag on her Instagram page and many of her followers immediately pointed out that the shoe was a fake and this led to a heated argument between her fans and some internet trolls.

This afternoon, Liz shared a post on her Instagram page, saying that she does not buy original designer shoes and according o her, 99% of people buy copied version of designer products.

Read what she wrote after the cut

"When aiye is not seriously doing me from TOGO🙄 😀 why on earth would I buy REAL ORIGINAL shoe that I LIZDASILVA will step on ground! KO JOOOO, (WHEN IT'S NOT GOLD) all in the name of class? I wear/carry copied shoes/bags and 99.9% of sensible human around the WORLD does for crying out loud, what matters most to me is FITNESS (1). if you dnt like the shoe biko jump inside lagoon + make sure you LOCATE the middle as in the deepest area to enable hungry FISHES receive you without you suffering much, (2). LAGOS/IBADAN EXPRESS needs some paintings as JULIUS BERGER workers are still @ duty😱, YOU GET OPTION🙈 so change your ways and spend the coin in your acct WISELY!!! I no be Omo DANGOTE/OTEDOLA, I KNOW WHERE AM COMING FROM

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