Thursday, March 31, 2016

Meet Jamaican Factory Worker Who Became Queen In Nigeria

Meet King Rasheed Adewale Akanbi, the new Oluwo Of Iwoland in Osun State. Before he emerged King, the Nigerian Prince Adewale was based in Toronto Canada.He returned home in 2015 to be crowned the King of Iwo land, and by his side was Jamaican girlfriend turned wife who is a former factory worker, Chanel Chin. Chanel is the daughter of popular Rastafarian reggae artiste Ludlow Chin, better known as 'Bobo Zaro'. 

King Abdul Rasheed, now known as the Imperial Oluwo of the Iwo Kingdom in Nigeria, after his ascendancy on November 10, 2015, had met the 32-year-old Chanel in Canada, where he resided before his ascension. 

When the then Prince Akanbi informed her he would be crowned as king in Nigeria, Chanel promised to return home with him and the rest is history. 

The 32-year-old Toronto-based Jamaican factory worker is now the Queen Oluwo Of Iwo. In a chat with a The Gleaner, she said: "My ancestors were taken away as slaves, but I have returned to Africa as a queen. One's destiny cannot be altered. As a young child, I always wanted to come to Africa, but didn't know how. I feel this is a great opportunity for black people worldwide to return to their home." 

She also added that she is yet to overcome the language barrier. “I know some Yoruba words. Everyday, I am still learning. Another challenge is that the food is quite different from our mouth- watering Jamaican dishes.”

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