Monday, April 4, 2016

Ifesinachi Abductor Abdul Released After Police Pressure From Powerful Quarters

The abduction of the 14-year old Ifesinachi Ani, a Secondary School (SS) 2 student of Government Sec­ondary School, Apo Resettle­ment, Abuja, six months ago, took a new twist as her abduc­tors made chilling revelations on their modus operandi. 

This is even as The AU­THORITY on Sunday gath­ered that the major linkman to the abductors, one Baba Abdul, has been released from police detention, fuelling speculation of pressure on the police from powerful quarters. The AUTHORITY had dis­closed yesterday how Baba Abdul’s wife severally threat­ened to deal with Ifesinachi’s mother whenever her hus­band is released.

Ifesinachi’s mother who ran to our office out of fear for her life, informed us that ever since this medium made the abduction of her daugh­ter public, several people have been coming to nearby Baba Abdul’s residence, telling her that they will deal with her and also pointing fingers at her residence.

Over the weekend, some persons claiming to be mem­bers of the Igbo Muslim Com­munity based in Kano State denied abducting Ifesinachi, insisting they merely took her to Kano in order to protect her from persecution by her mother because she “convert­ed” to Islam. The revelations were uncov­ered when the Igbo Muslims led by their acclaimed patron, Mohammed Suleiman, came in their numbers to the Fed­eral Capital Territory (FCT) Police Command in solidarity with the abductors who were moved from the Central Po­lice Station, Uwani, Enugu to Abuja.

Mrs. Rachael Ani, mother of the abducted girl, was dumb­founded seeing her daugh­ter dressed like a Muslim. She was also shocked that her daughter “is looking at me morosely and I have no doubt she is under a spell. “My daughter, who has been with me since birth has been made to even engage me in argument over her date of birth. I was shocked she could pretend to be more accustomed to complete strangers than me, her bio­logical mother. “Although she acknowl­edged I am her mother, you could see that she did not be­have as if I was her mother, who has been looking for her for over six months when she saw me enter the police of­fice.
“At least, I am grateful to God for rescuing my daugh­ter from the hands of her ab­ductors. I am very grateful to the management and editors of The AUTHORITY news­papers and other journal­ists who have assisted me to publicise my cries. God will reward all of you. “As for the Enugu State Governor, I lack words to ex­press my joys over the schol­arship offered my daughter. I want government to also assist me because I can see clearly that I am being intim­idated by this cartel of abduc­tors. They are bold, daring and have been threatening to deal with me..

 “I don’t even understand why they would still be the ones taking care of my daughter when they should have all been languishing in the prison. The Inspector-General of Police and the Commissioner of Police should not let them go scot-free. If they do, these people will wreck several other fam­ilies as we heard them boast they will do. I am grateful to these officers for assisting me. God will bless them. As for the other officers, I don’t know what to say,” she stated. Refusing to comment on the issues raised by Mr. Sunday Ani who she main­tained is her husband’s se­nior brother, she however, lamented that her daughter’s abductors were taking ad­vantage of the poverty in her family to torment them and bring disaffection into her family, pointing out that God will take control and resolve all those problems.

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