Sunday, April 24, 2016

PHOTOS: The Poor State Of UNIABUJA Hostels (PHOTOS)


The Poor State Of UNIABUJA Hostels – The poor, decrepit state of the hostels of the University of Abuja have recently been revealed in a new report. The report, made by Abuja-based blog, showed the sorry state of toilets and bathrooms in the university’s male hostel. 

A 400 Level student, who did not want his name disclosed said that it is better to defecate in the bushes than using the toilets in the hostel. According to him, the toilets are always messed up, with tissues and some other harder papers are sometimes discarded inside the toilets. 

The source attributed the unhealthy environment to lack of adequate water needed to wash and flush the toilets. However, most of the blame allegedly lies on the students, with many of them untrained in the proper use and maintenance of toilets. 

The Poor State Of UNIABUJA Hostels

One of the students who spoke with our reporter affirmed that most students do not maintain proper hygiene, saying they use the toilets without bothering to flush. Others who refused to mention their names said when the condition of the toilets deteriorate they result to other means. All efforts to speak with the head of students affairs proved abortive. 

A lecturer who spoke on condition of anonymity attributed the ugly conditions of the toilet facilities in universities of Abuja to improper usage by the students, adding that most of the students defecate like uncivilized people. Whatever the cause may be, the situation of the hostels need to be improved. See photos below, courtesy



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