Thursday, April 14, 2016

Woman dies after having 16 teeth removed at the dentist(Photo)

A Michigan woman died almost immediately after having 16 teeth removed during a trip to the dentist, her family says. 

April Walters passed away on Friday after having the teeth pulled at Southfield Dental Care. She was being treated for an infection. 

Her daughter Amber Waddell told Fox 2. A 46-year-old woman should not die in the parking lot of a dentist's office,

"She was battling a series of health issues, including diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma, and was reliant on an oxygen machine.Her heart rate was still 130, the dentist came in, ready to do the procedure," 

Walters had the teeth pulled despite the fact that she was feeling anxious, her family said. "The dental assistant said 'I am waiting for her heart rate to come down.' The dentist said 'We're fine' and the procedure starts.

"After Dr. Rana Rabban was done, she told Walters that she should "go to the doctor and get your heart checked on," Waddell told Fox 2. 

Shortly after April's family got her and the oxygen tanks into the car, she started having trouble breathing. It was thought that the oxygen tanks had run out, so they got more oxygen from the dentist's office. That didn't seem to work, and Waddell said that no one from the office knew CPR. "When the dentist came out she started yelling 'I told you to take her to the hospital' so I yelled back at her 'I have to get her in the car in order for that to happen,'" Waddell told Fox 2. 

They called an ambulance, but Walters could not be revived. Heartbroken family members say an autopsy will be done, and the dentist's office is investigating.

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